Four Dimensions.  Endless Opportunities.

At the University of Denver, you receive an exceptional education in the classroom—and beyond. You learn and discover at our urban campus in the heart of Denver, supported by world-class faculty and a network of mentors and advisors. At our James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus, you immerse yourself in nature, connect with peers, and explore new ideas in an inspiring context.

At DU, you receive a multi-dimensional, adventure-driven education that prepares you to make a difference and thrive in a dynamic world.

We call it the 4D Experience.

The Four Dimensions

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    Advancing Intellectual Growth

    Deepen your understanding of the world in and out of the classroom. Work alongside faculty conducting research that improves the world. And enjoy mentorship made possible by a low faculty-student ratio. 

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    Pursuing Careers & Lives of Purpose    

    Receive mentorship at our Burwell Center for Career Achievement. Connect with a global network of alumni working in fields you’re passionate about. And learn how to connect the dots between your learning and where you want to go. 

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    Promoting Well-being

    Learn how wellness supports all your goals by exploring well-being from a big-picture perspective. Achieve social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial wellness and develop meaningful connections to others. 

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    Exploring Character

    Ask and answer important questions about who you are, what you value, who you want to be and your effect on your communities. Use this knowledge to envision—and then build—your future.  

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Thrive At DU

At DU, a network of advisors and mentors guides you in your classrooms and in our centers and institutes. They will provide support as you lead a student organization, conduct real-world research and improve the public good. And they will help you build leadership skills and confidence at our James C. Kennedy Mountain Campus.  

There is no one-experience-fits-all approach to holistic education. Our 4D Experience is tailored to your unique needs and interests.   

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Thrive After DU

With our 4D Experience, you will graduate with confidence in your ideas and your ideals. You will graduate assured in your knowledge and the unique value of your skillset. At DU, you'll engage with a sense of purpose and direction in your own future, forever connected to a community through lifelong friendships and an alumni network that spans the globe. And you will learn how to clearly articulate the depth and breadth of knowledge you bring to every opportunity. 

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Start Your Own 4D Experience

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